LENOVO Laptop Battery

Fantastic LENOVO laptop battery for LENOVO notebook

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    LENOVO Laptop Battery, LENOVO Notebook Battery, LENOVO Laptop Computer Battery.

    ULtimate Electronics Online(UK) sells high quality LENOVO laptop battery, discount LENOVO laptop battery, low price LENOVO laptop battery. All items are brand new with 1-year warranty!.

    1 Shop by Following Battery No.:      Or Shop by above Machine Model No.:
    ASM 121000614ASM 121000649ASM 42T4519ASM 42T4523
    ASM 42T4533ASM 42T4535ASM 42T4537ASM 42T4539
    ASM 42T4541ASM 42T4543ASM 42T4545ASM 42T4557
    ASM 42T4559ASM 42T4561ASM 42T4565ASM 42T4586
    ASM 42T4691ASM 42T4703ASM 42T4711ASM 42T4728
    ASM 42T4752ASM 42T4756ASM 42T4774ASM 42T4784
    ASM 42T4786ASM 42T4788ASM 42T4794ASM 42T4796
    ASM 42T4846ASM 42T4862ASM 42T4882ASM 42T4958
    ASM 42T4960ASM 42T4962ASM 42T5209ASM 42T5213
    ASM 42T5213ASM 42T5217ASM 42T5226ASM 42T5228
    ASM 42T5265ASM 45N1001FRU 45N1000ASM 45N1048ASM 45N1050
    ASM 45N1052ASM 45N1054ASM 45N1058ASM 92P1179
    ASM 92P1183ASM 92P1183ASM 92P1185ASM 92P1185
    ASM 92P1187ASM 92P1219ASM BAHL00L6SBATHGT31L6
    BATIGT30L6FRU 121001056FRU 121001071FRU 121001073
    FRU 121001074FRU 121001091FRU 121001094FRU 121001095B470
    FRU 121001096FRU 121001097FRU 121001107FRU 121001108
    FRU 121001151FRU 121001154FRU 121500040FRU 121500041
    FRU 121500042FRU 121500043FRU 121500047FRU 121500048
    FRU 121500049FRU 121500050FRU 121500051FRU 121500052
    FRU 121500053FRU 121500104FRU 121500115FRU 121500116
    FRU 121SS080CFRU121TS050QFRU 121TS0A0AFRU 42T4511
    FRU 42T4514FRU 42T4514FRU 42T4518FRU 42T4522
    FRU 42T4530FRU 42T4532FRU 42T4534FRU 42T4536
    FRU 42T4538FRU 42T4540FRU 42T4542FRU 42T4548
    FRU 42T4552FRU 42T4556FRU 42T4558FRU 42T4560
    FRU 42T4585FRU 42T4644FRU 42T4645FRU 42T4646
    FRU 42T4647FRU 42T4648FRU 42T4649FRU 42T4650
    FRU 42T4651FRU 42T4655FRU 42T4656FRU 42T4658
    FRU 42T4667FRU 42T4668FRU 42T4677FRU 42T4678
    FRU 42T4688FRU 42T4690FRU 42T4694FRU 42T4696
    FRU 42T4702FRU 42T4704FRU 42T4706FRU 42T4708
    FRU 42T4710FRU 42T4712FRU 42T4714FRU 42T4727
    FRU 42T4731FRU 42T4735FRU 42T4737FRU 42T4743
    FRU 42T4745FRU 42T4751FRU 42T4753FRU 42T4755
    FRU 42T4771FRU 42T4773FRU 42T4781FRU 42T4783
    FRU 42T4785FRU 42T4787FRU 42T4789FRU 42T4791
    FRU 42T4793FRU 42T4795FRU 42T4797FRU 42T4799
    FRU 42T4801FRU 42T4803FRU 42T4804FRU 42T4805
    FRU 42T4806FRU 42T4807FRU 42T4812FRU 42T4813
    FRU 42T4815FRU 42T4817FRU 42T4819FRU 42T4823
    FRU 42T4825FRU 42T4827FRU 42T4829FRU 42T4837
    FRU 42T4841FRU 42T4843FRU 42T4847FRU 42T4848
    FRU 42T4851FRU 42T4854FRU 42T4855FRU 42T4856
    FRU 42T4857FRU 42T4858FRU 42T4861FRU 42T4863
    FRU 42T4865FRU 42T4873FRU 42T4875FRU 42T4881
    FRU 42T4889FRU 42T4891FRU 42T4895FRU 42T4897
    FRU 42T4925FRU 42T4927FRU 42T4940FRU 42T4941
    FRU 42T4942FRU 42T4947FRU 42T4957FRU 42T4959
    FRU 42T4961FRU 42T5204FRU 42T5206FRU 42T5208
    FRU 42T5212FRU 42T5212FRU 42T5216FRU 42T5225
    FRU 42T5227FRU 42T5241FRU 42T5251FRU 42T5256
    FRU 42T5256FRU 42T5262FRU 42T5264FRU 42Y4864
    FRU 42Y4868FRU 42Y4874FRU 43R9253FRU 45N1042
    FRU 45N1043FRU 45N1044FRU 45N1046FRU 45N1049
    FRU 45N1051FRU 45N1053FRU 45N1055FRU 45N1057
    FRU 45N1059FRU 57Y4564FRU 57Y4565FRU 92P1180
    FRU 92P1182FRU 92P1184FRU 92P1184FRU 92P1186
    FRU 92P1186FRU 92P1188FRU 92P1216FRU 92P1220
    FRU L09C6Y02FRU L09L6Y02FRU L09M6Y02FRU L09N6Y02
    FRU L09S6Y02FRU L1036F01FRU L10C6F01FRU L10C6Y02
    FRU L10M6F21FRU L10N6Y02FRU L10P6F01FRU L10P6F21
    FRU L10P6Y01FRU L10P6Y22FRU L10S6F01FRU L11L6F01
    FRU L11L6R01FRU L11L6Y01FRU L11M6F01FRU L11N6R01
    FRU L11N6Y01FRU L11P6R01FRU L11S06Y01FRU L11S6F01
    FRU L11S6Y01FRU LO9L6Y02FRU LO9S6Y02FUR 42T4649
    L12S4E01L12S4Z01R500ThinkPad SL300 2738
    2 Shop by Following Machine Model No.:      Or Shop by Laptop Battery Part No.:
    3000 C100 07613000 C100 SERIES3000 C2003000 C200
    3000 C200 89223000 C200 89223000 C200 Series3000 F40
    3000 F40A3000 F40M3000 F413000 F41A
    3000 F41G3000 F41M3000 F503000 F50A
    3000 G230 200063000 G230 41073000 G230G3000 G400 14001
    3000 G400 20483000 G400 590113000 G400 Series3000 G410 Series
    3000 G4303000 G430 41523000 G430 41533000 G430A
    3000 G430L3000 G430LE3000 G430M3000 G430 Series
    3000 G4503000 G450 29493000 G450A3000 G450M
    3000 G450 Series3000 G5303000 G530 41513000 G530 444-23U
    3000 G530A3000 G530 DC T34003000 G530M3000 G530 Series
    3000 N1003000 N1003000 N100 06893000 N100 0689
    3000 N100 07683000 N100 07683000 N100 Series3000 N200
    3000 N200 07693000 N200 07693000 N200 (15.4" widescreen; but NOT 14" )3000 N500
    3000 N500 4233-52U3000 N500 Series3000 V100 07633000 V100 0764
    3000 V100 Series3000 V2003000 Y300 77593000 Y300 9449
    3000 Y300 94543000 Y300 Series3000 Y310 77563000 Y310a 7756
    3000 Y310a Series3000 Y310 Series3000 Y400 94543000 Y400 Series
    3000 Y410 77573000 Y410a 77573000 Y410a Series3000 Y410 Series
    3000 Y500 77613000 Y500 Series3000 Y510 77583000 Y510a 15303
    3000 Y510a Series3000 Y510 SeriesE23E47G
    E47LG40G400sG400s Touch Series
    G40-45G50-70G405SG405s SeriesG405s Touch Series
    G410SG410s SeriesG410s Touch SeriesG430
    G450G50G500s SeriesG510S Series
    G530G550G550 - 2958LEUG550 - 2958LFU
    IdeaPad B460IdeaPad B470IdeaPad B470AIdeaPad B470eL-BEI
    IdeaPad B470GIdeaPad B475IdeaPad B475AIdeaPad B560
    IdeaPad B560AIdeaPad B570IdeaPad B570AIdeaPad B570G
    IdeaPad B580IdeaPad E49AIdeaPad E49ALIdeaPad E49G
    IdeaPad G405s Touch SeriesIdeaPad G410s SeriesIdeaPad G410s Touch SeriesIdeaPad G510s Touch SeriesIdeaPad G430
    IdeaPad G430 20003IdeaPad G430 SeriesIdeaPad G460IdeaPad G460 0677
    IdeaPad G460 06779UUIdeaPad G460 06779XUIdeaPad G460 20041IdeaPad G460A
    IdeaPad G460A-IFIIdeaPad G460A-ITHIdeaPad G460ALIdeaPad G460E
    IdeaPad G460GIdeaPad G460LIdeaPad G460L-IFIIdeaPad G465
    IdeaPad G465AIdeaPad G470IdeaPad G470AX-ITHIdeaPad G470G
    IdeaPad G470GHIdeaPad G475IdeaPad G475AIdeaPad G475E
    IdeaPad G475GIdeaPad G475LIdeaPad G480IdeaPad G480A-BNI
    IdeaPad G480A-IFIIdeaPad G480A-ITHIdeaPad G485IdeaPad G485A-EON
    IdeaPad G560IdeaPad G560 0679IdeaPad G560AIdeaPad G560E
    IdeaPad G560GIdeaPad G560LIdeaPad G560 M278ZUKIdeaPad G560 M2792UK
    IdeaPad G565IdeaPad G565AIdeaPad G565GIdeaPad G565L
    IdeaPad G570IdeaPad G570AIdeaPad G570AHIdeaPad G570E
    IdeaPad G570GIdeaPad G575IdeaPad G575AIdeaPad G575E
    IdeaPad G575GIdeaPad G575LIdeaPad G575MIdeaPad G580
    IdeaPad G580A-ITHIdeaPad G580AM-ITHIdeaPad G580-ISEIdeaPad G585
    IdeaPad G585A-EONIdeaPad G585G-EONIdeaPad G770IdeaPad G770A
    IdeaPad G770AHIdeaPad G770EIdeaPad G770LIdeaPad G780
    IdeaPad G780-ISEIdeaPad S10 20015IdeaPad S10 4231IdeaPad S10C
    IdeaPad S10e 4068IdeaPad S10e 4187IdeaPad S10e SeriesIdeaPad S10 Series
    IdeaPad S12IdeaPad S12 20021IdeaPad S12 2959IdeaPad S12 Series
    IdeaPad S300IdeaPad S300-ITHIdeaPad S400IdeaPad S400-ITH
    IdeaPad S405IdeaPad S405-ASIIdeaPad S9e 4187IdeaPad S9e Series
    IdeaPad S9 Seriesideapad U110IdeaPad U110 11306IdeaPad U110 2304
    IdeaPad U330IdeaPad U330 20001IdeaPad U330 2267IdeaPad U330A
    IdeaPad U350IdeaPad U350 20028IdeaPad U350 2963IdeaPad U350W
    IdeaPad U450P 20031IdeaPad U450P 3389IdeaPad U550IdeaPad V350
    IdeaPad V360IdeaPad V360AIdeaPad V370IdeaPad V370A
    IdeaPad V370GIdeaPad V370PIdeaPad V430aIdeaPad V450a
    IdeaPad V460IdeaPad V460A-IFI(A)IdeaPad V460A-IFI(H)IdeaPad V460A-IFI(T)
    IdeaPad V460A-ISEIdeaPad V460A-ITHIdeaPad V460A-ITH(A)IdeaPad V460A-ITH(T)
    IdeaPad V460A-PSI(H)IdeaPad V470IdeaPad V470AIdeaPad V470A-IFI
    IdeaPad V470AT-IFIIdeaPad V470CIdeaPad V470cA-IFIIdeaPad V470cA-ITH
    IdeaPad V470GIdeaPad V470PIdeaPad V550IdeaPad V560
    IdeaPad V560AIdeaPad V570IdeaPad V570AIdeaPad V570C
    IdeaPad V570GIdeaPad V570PIdeaPad Y430IdeaPad Y430 2781
    IdeaPad Y430aIdeaPad Y430gIdeaPad Y430 SeriesIdeaPad Y450
    IdeaPad Y450 20020IdeaPad Y450 4189IdeaPad Y450AIdeaPad Y450G
    IdeaPad Y460IdeaPad Y460 063334UIdeaPad Y460 063335UIdeaPad Y460 063346U
    IdeaPad Y460 063347UIdeaPad Y460AIdeaPad Y460A-IFIIdeaPad Y460A-ITH
    IdeaPad Y460ATIdeaPad Y460C-ITHIdeaPad Y460GIdeaPad Y460N
    IdeaPad Y460N-IFIIdeaPad Y460N-ITHIdeaPad Y460N-PSIIdeaPad Y460P-IFI
    IdeaPad Y460P-ISEIdeaPad Y460P-ITHIdeaPad Y470IdeaPad Y470A
    IdeaPad Y470DIdeaPad Y470GIdeaPad Y470MIdeaPad Y470N
    IdeaPad Y470PIdeaPad Y471IdeaPad Y471AIdeaPad Y471D
    IdeaPad Y471GIdeaPad Y471MIdeaPad Y471NIdeaPad Y471P
    IdeaPad Y480IdeaPad Y480AISEIdeaPad Y480A-ISEIdeaPad Y480MIFI
    IdeaPad Y480M-IFIIdeaPad Y480PIdeaPad Y510 7758IdeaPad Y510 Series
    IdeaPad Y530 20009IdeaPad Y530 4051IdeaPad Y530aIdeaPad Y530 Series
    IdeaPad Y550IdeaPad Y550 4186IdeaPad Y550AIdeaPad Y550P
    IdeaPad Y550P 3241IdeaPad Y560IdeaPad Y560AIdeaPad Y560A-IFI
    IdeaPad Y560A-ITHIdeaPad Y560DT-ISEIdeaPad Y560GIdeaPad Y560P-IFI
    IdeaPad Y560P-ISEIdeaPad Y560P-ITHIdeaPad Y560PT-ISEIdeaPad Y570
    IdeaPad Y570AIdeaPad Y570DIdeaPad Y570MIdeaPad Y570N
    IdeaPad Y570NTIdeaPad Y570PIdeaPad Y580IdeaPad Y580A
    IdeaPad Y580MIdeaPad Y580NIdeaPad Y580PIdeaPad Y650 4185
    IdeaPad Y650AIdeaPad Y650 SeriesIdeaPad Y710 4054IdeaPad Y710 Series
    IdeaPad Y730 4053IdeaPad Y730a.IdeaPad Y730 SeriesIdeaPad Z360
    IdeaPad Z360 - 091232UIdeaPad Z360 - 091233UIdeaPad Z360A-ITHIdeaPad Z360A-PSI
    IdeaPad Z370IdeaPad Z370AIdeaPad Z370A-BNIIdeaPad Z370AT-ITH
    IdeaPad Z370GIdeaPad Z370G-ITHIdeaPad Z380IdeaPad Z380-ISE
    IdeaPad Z460IdeaPad Z460AIdeaPad Z460GIdeaPad Z460M
    IdeaPad Z465IdeaPad Z465AIdeaPad Z465A-NEIIdeaPad Z465A-NNI
    IdeaPad Z465A-PNIIdeaPad Z465A-PTHIdeaPad Z465GIdeaPad Z470
    IdeaPad Z470AIdeaPad Z470A-BNIIdeaPad Z470AHIdeaPad Z470A-IFI
    IdeaPad Z470A-ITHIdeaPad Z470AX-ITHIdeaPad Z470GIdeaPad Z560
    IdeaPad Z560AIdeaPad Z560GIdeaPad Z560MIdeaPad Z565
    IdeaPad Z565AIdeaPad Z565GIdeaPad Z570IdeaPad Z570A-BNI
    IdeaPad Z570A-IFIIdeaPad Z570A-ITHIdeaPad Z580K47A
    K47GL3000 G230 SeriesL430L450
    L460L470lenovo B475Alenovo B475G
    T530T550T560Thinkpad E120
    ThinkPad E120 30434NCThinkPad E120 30434SCThinkPad E120 30434TCThinkPad E40
    ThinkPad E50ThinkPad Edge 0578-47BThinkPad Edge 11" 032866JThinkPad Edge 11¡±
    ThinkPad Edge 11¡± NVY4LFRThinkPad Edge 11¡± NVZ24FRThinkPad Edge 11¡± NVZ3BGEThinkPad Edge 13"
    ThinkPad Edge 13" 0196ThinkPad Edge 13" 0196-3EBThinkPad Edge 13" 0197ThinkPad Edge 13" 0492
    ThinkPad Edge 14"ThinkPad Edge 14" 05787UJThinkPad Edge 14" 05787VJThinkPad Edge 14" 05787WJ
    ThinkPad Edge 14" 05787XJThinkPad Edge 14" 05787YJThinkPad Edge 15"ThinkPad Edge15" 301K7J
    ThinkPad Edge E10ThinkPad Edge E30ThinkPad Edge E31ThinkPad Edge E420
    ThinkPad Edge E420 1141-CTOThinkPad Edge E420 1167-CTOThinkPad Edge E420 1198-CTOThinkpad Edge E425
    ThinkPad Edge E425 1141-CTOThinkPad Edge E425 1167-CTOThinkPad Edge E425 1198-CTOThinkPad Edge E430
    ThinkPad Edge E430cThinkPad Edge E431ThinkPad Edge E520ThinkPad Edge E525
    ThinkPad Edge E530ThinkPad Edge E530cThinkPad Edge E531ThinkPad Edge E535
    ThinkPad L410ThinkPad L410 2842-CTOThinkPad L410 2847-CTOThinkPad L410 2873-CTO
    ThinkPad L410 2874-CTOThinkPad L410 2875-CTOThinkPad L410 2931-CTOThinkPad L412
    ThinkPad L420ThinkPad L420 5015-36xThinkPad L420 5015-37xThinkPad L420 5015-3Dx
    ThinkPad L420 5015-3ExThinkPad L420 5015-CTOThinkPad L420 5016-4FxThinkPad L420 5016-4Gx
    ThinkPad L420 5016-4HxThinkPad L420 5016-4JxThinkPad L420 5016-5LxThinkPad L420 5016-5Mx
    ThinkPad L420 5016-65xThinkPad L420 5016-66xThinkPad L420 5016-67xThinkPad L420 5016-CTO
    ThinkPad L420 5017-4PxThinkPad L420 5017-4QxThinkPad L420 5017-4RxThinkPad L420 5017-4Sx
    ThinkPad L420 5017-4TxThinkPad L420 5017-4UxThinkPad L420 5017-4VxThinkPad L420 5017-4Wx
    ThinkPad L420 5017-4XxThinkPad L420 5017-CTOThinkPad L420 5019-CTOThinkPad L420 7826-3Hx
    ThinkPad L420 7826-3JxThinkPad L420 7826-3KxThinkPad L420 7826-3LxThinkPad L420 7826-3Mx
    ThinkPad L420 7826-3NxThinkPad L420 7826-3PxThinkPad L420 7826-3QxThinkPad L420 7826-45x
    ThinkPad L420 7826-46xThinkPad L420 7826-47xThinkPad L420 7826-48xThinkPad L420 7826-49x
    ThinkPad L420 7826-4AxThinkPad L420 7826-4BxThinkPad L420 7826-CTOThinkPad L420 7827-4Cx
    ThinkPad L420 7827-4DxThinkPad L420 7827-4ExThinkPad L420 7827-5AxThinkPad L420 7827-5Bx
    ThinkPad L420 7827-CTOThinkPad L420 7829-4ZxThinkPad L420 7829-53xThinkPad L420 7829-54x
    ThinkPad L420 7829-58xThinkPad L420 7829-59xThinkPad L420 7829-5AxThinkPad L420 7829-5Bx
    ThinkPad L420 7829-5CxThinkPad L420 7829-5DxThinkPad L420 7829-CTOThinkPad L420 7853-CTO
    ThinkPad L420 7854-39xThinkPad L420 7854-3AxThinkPad L420 7854-3BxThinkPad L420 7854-3Cx
    ThinkPad L420 7854-3DxThinkPad L420 7854-3ExThinkPad L420 7854-3FxThinkPad L420 7854-3Gx
    ThinkPad L420 7854-3HxThinkPad L420 7854-3JxThinkPad L420 7854-3KxThinkPad L420 7854-3Lx
    ThinkPad L420 7854-3MxThinkPad L420 7854-3NxThinkPad L420 7854-3PxThinkPad L420 7854-3Qx
    ThinkPad L420 7854-3XxThinkPad L420 7854-3YxThinkPad L420 7854-3ZxThinkPad L420 7854-4Gx
    thinkPad L420 7854-4HxThinkPad L420 7854-4NxThinkPad L420 7854-4PxThinkPad L420 7854-4Qx
    ThinkPad L420 7854-4SxThinkPad L420 7854-4TxThinkPad L420 7854-CTOThinkPad L420 7856-3Gx
    ThinkPad L420 7856-3HxThinkPad L420 7856-3JxThinkPad L420 7856-3KxThinkPad L420 7856-3Lx
    ThinkPad L420 7856-3MxThinkPad L420 7856-3WxThinkPad L420 7856-CTOThinkPad L420 7859-3Cx
    ThinkPad L420 7859-3DxThinkPad L420 7859-3ExThinkPad L420 7859-3FxThinkPad L420 7859-3Gx
    ThinkPad L420 7859-3HxThinkPad L420 7859-3JxThinkPad L420 7859-3KxThinkPad L420 7859-3Lx
    ThinkPad L420 7859-3MxThinkPad L420 7859-3NxThinkPad L420 7859-3PxThinkPad L420 7859-3Qx
    ThinkPad L420 7859-3RxThinkPad L420 7859-3SxThinkPad L420 7859-3TxThinkPad L420 7859-3Zx
    ThinkPad L420 7859-42xThinkPad L420 7859-43xThinkPad L420 7859-4FxThinkPad L420 7859-4Gx
    ThinkPad L420 7859-4HxThinkPad L420 7859-4NxThinkPad L420 7859-4PxThinkPad L420 7859-4Qx
    ThinkPad L420 7859-4RxThinkPad L420 7859-4SxThinkPad L420 7859-4TxThinkPad L420 7859-4Ux
    ThinkPad L420 7859-4VxThinkPad L420 7859-5GxThinkPad L420 7859-5HxThinkPad L420 7859-5Kx
    ThinkPad L420 7859 5LxThinkPad L420 7859-5LxThinkPad L420 7859-5MxThinkPad L420 7859-5Nx
    ThinkPad L420 7859-5WxThinkPad L420 7859-5XxThinkPad L420 7859-5YxThinkPad L420 7859-5Zx
    ThinkPad L420 7859-63xThinkPad L420 7859-64xThinkPad L420 7859-65xThinkPad L420 7859-66x
    ThinkPad L420 7859-67xThinkPad L420 7859-6AxThinkPad L420 7859-6ExThinkPad L420 7859-6Fx
    ThinkPad L420 7859-6GxThinkPad L420 7859-6HxThinkPad L420 7859-6JxThinkPad L420 7859-CTO
    ThinkPad L420 7860-3DxThinkPad L420 7860-3HxThinkPad L420 7860-3JxThinkPad L420 7860-CTO
    ThinkPad L421ThinkPad L510ThinkPad L510 2842-CTOThinkPad L510 2847-CTO
    ThinkPad L510 2873-CTOThinkPad L510 2874-CTOThinkPad L510 2875-CTOThinkPad L510 2931-CTO
    ThinkPad L512ThinkPad L520ThinkPad L520 5015-36xThinkPad L520 5015-37x
    ThinkPad L520 5015-3DxThinkPad L520 5015-3ExThinkPad L520 5015-CTOThinkPad L520 5016-4Fx
    ThinkPad L520 5016-4GxThinkPad L520 5016-4HxThinkPad L520 5016-4JxThinkPad L520 5016-5Lx
    ThinkPad L520 5016-5MxThinkPad L520 5016-65xThinkPad L520 5016-66xThinkPad L520 5016-67x
    ThinkPad L520 5016-CTOThinkPad L520 5017-4PxThinkPad L520 5017-4QxThinkPad L520 5017-4Rx
    ThinkPad L520 5017-4SxThinkPad L520 5017-4TxThinkPad L520 5017-4UxThinkPad L520 5017-4Vx
    ThinkPad L520 5017-4WxThinkPad L520 5017-4XxThinkPad L520 5017-CTOThinkPad L520 5019-CTO
    ThinkPad L520 7826-3HxThinkPad L520 7826-3JxThinkPad L520 7826-3KxThinkPad L520 7826-3Lx
    ThinkPad L520 7826-3MxThinkPad L520 7826-3NxThinkPad L520 7826-3PxThinkPad L520 7826-3Qx
    ThinkPad L520 7826-45xThinkPad L520 7826-46xThinkPad L520 7826-47xThinkPad L520 7826-48x
    ThinkPad L520 7826-49xThinkPad L520 7826-4AxThinkPad L520 7826-4BxThinkPad L520 7826-CTO
    ThinkPad L520 7827-4CxThinkPad L520 7827- 4CxThinkPad L520 7827-4DxThinkPad L520 7827-4Ex
    ThinkPad L520 7827- 4ExThinkPad L520 7827-5AxThinkPad L520 7827-5BxThinkPad L520 7827-CTO
    ThinkPad L520 7829-4ZxThinkPad L520 7829-53xThinkPad L520 7829-54xThinkPad L520 7829-58x
    ThinkPad L520 7829-59xThinkPad L520 7829-5AxThinkPad L520 7829 5BxThinkPad L520 7829-5Bx
    ThinkPad L520 78295CxThinkPad L520 7829-5CxThinkPad L520 7829 5DxThinkPad L520 7829-5Dx
    ThinkPad L520 7829-CTOThinkPad L520 7853-CTOThinkPad L520 7854-39xThinkPad L520 7854-3Ax
    ThinkPad L520 7854-3BxThinkPad L520 7854-3CxThinkPad L520 7854-3DxThinkPad L520 7854-3Ex
    ThinkPad L520 7854-3FxThinkPad L520 7854-3GxThinkPad L520 7854-3HxThinkPad L520 7854-3Jx
    ThinkPad L520 7854-3KxThinkPad L520 7854-3LxThinkPad L520 7854-3MxThinkPad L520 7854-3Nx
    ThinkPad L520 7854-3PxThinkPad L520 7854-3QxThinkPad L520 7854-3XxThinkPad L520 7854-3Yx
    ThinkPad L520 7854-3ZxThinkPad L520 7854-4GxThinkPad L520 7854-4HxThinkPad L520 7854-4Nx
    ThinkPad L520 7854-4PxThinkPad L520 7854-4QxThinkPad L520 7854-4SxThinkPad L520 7854-4Tx
    ThinkPad L520 7854-CTOThinkPad L520 7856-3GxThinkPad L520 7856-3HxThinkPad L520 7856-3Jx
    ThinkPad L520 7856-3KxThinkPad L520 7856-3LxThinkPad L520 7856-3MxThinkPad L520 7856-3Wx
    ThinkPad L520 7856-CTOThinkPad L520 7859-3CxThinkPad L520 7859-3DxThinkPad L520 7859-3Ex
    ThinkPad L520 7859-3FxThinkPad L520 7859-3GxThinkPad L520 7859-3HxThinkPad L520 7859-3Jx
    ThinkPad L520 7859-3KxThinkPad L520 7859-3LxThinkPad L520 7859-3MxThinkPad L520 7859-3Nx
    ThinkPad L520 7859-3PxThinkPad L520 7859-3QxThinkPad L520 7859-3RxThinkPad L520 7859-3Sx
    ThinkPad L520 7859-3TxThinkPad L520 7859-3ZxThinkPad L520 7859-42xThinkPad L520 7859-43x
    ThinkPad L520 7859-4FxThinkPad L520 7859-4GxThinkPad L520 7859-4HxThinkPad L520 7859-4Nx
    ThinkPad L520 7859-4PxThinkPad L520 7859-4QxThinkPad L520 7859-4RxThinkPad L520 7859-4Sx
    ThinkPad L520 7859-4TxThinkPad L520 7859-4UxThinkPad L520 7859-4VxThinkPad L520 7859-5Gx
    ThinkPad L520 7859-5HxThinkPad L520 7859-5KxThinkPad L520 7859-5LxThinkPad L520 7859-5Mx
    ThinkPad L520 7859-5NxThinkPad L520 7859-5WxThinkPad L520 7859-5XxThinkPad L520 7859-5Yx
    ThinkPad L520 7859-5ZxThinkPad L520 7859-63xThinkPad L520 7859-64xThinkPad L520 7859-65x
    ThinkPad L520 7859-66xThinkPad L520 7859-67xThinkPad L520 7859-6AxThinkPad L520 7859-6Ex
    ThinkPad L520 7859-6FxThinkPad L520 7859-6GxThinkPad L520 7859-6HxThinkPad L520 7859-6Jx
    ThinkPad L520 7859-CTOThinkPad L520 7860-3DxThinkPad L520 7860-3HxThinkPad L520 7860-3Jx
    ThinkPad L520 7860-CTOThinkPad L530ThinkPad mini 10ThinkPad R400
    ThinkPad R400 7443Thinkpad R400 SeriesThinkpad R500ThinkPad R61 7732
    ThinkPad R61 7733ThinkPad R61 7734ThinkPad R61 7735ThinkPad R61 7736
    ThinkPad R61 7737ThinkPad R61 7738ThinkPad R61 7742ThinkPad R61 7743
    ThinkPad R61 7744ThinkPad R61 7751ThinkPad R61 7753ThinkPad R61 7754
    ThinkPad R61 7755ThinkPad R61 8914THINKPAD R61 8914ThinkPad R61 8918
    THINKPAD R61 8918ThinkPad R61 8932THINKPAD R61 8932ThinkPad R61 8942
    THINKPAD R61 8942ThinkPad R61 8943THINKPAD R61 8943ThinkPad R61e 7649
    THINKPAD R61E 7649ThinkPad R61e 7650THINKPAD R61E 7650ThinkPad R61e Series (15.4¡± screen)
    ThinkPad R61e Series(15.4¡± widescreen)ThinkPad R61i 7650THINKPAD R61I 7650ThinkPad R61i 7732
    ThinkPad R61i 7742ThinkPad R61i 8918THINKPAD R61I 8918ThinkPad R61i 8932
    THINKPAD R61I 8932ThinkPad R61i 8943THINKPAD R61I 8943ThinkPad R61i Series (14.1¡± & 15.0¡± & 15.4¡± screen)
    ThinkPad R61i Series(14.1¡±&15.0¡± standard screens and 15.4¡± widescreen)ThinkPad R61i Series(14.1" widescreen)ThinkPad R61 Series (14.1¡± & 15.0¡± & 15.4¡± screen)ThinkPad R61 Series(14.1¡±&15.0¡± standard screens and 15.4¡± widescreen)
    ThinkPad R61 Series(14.1" widescreen)ThinkPad Reserve Edition 8748ThinkPad SL300ThinkPad SL300 2738
    ThinkPad SL300 273867BThinkPad SL300 SeriesThinkPad SL400ThinkPad SL400c
    ThinkPad SL410ThinkPad SL410 2842ThinkPad SL410 2842-CTOThinkPad SL410 2847-CTO
    ThinkPad SL410 2873-CTOThinkPad SL410 2874ThinkPad SL410 2874-CTOThinkPad SL410 2875-CTO
    ThinkPad SL410 2931-CTOThinkPad SL410k 2842ThinkPad SL410 seriesThinkPad SL500
    ThinkPad SL500cThinkPad SL510ThinkPad SL510 2842-CTOThinkPad SL510 2847
    ThinkPad SL510 2847-CTOThinkPad SL510 2847RE4ThinkPad SL510 2873-CTOThinkPad SL510 2874-CTO
    ThinkPad SL510 2875ThinkPad SL510 2875-CTOThinkPad SL510 2931-CTOThinkPad SL510 series
    ThinkPad SL510 ThinkPad SL510 2842-CTOThinkPad T400ThinkPad T400 2764ThinkPad T400 2765
    ThinkPad T400 6473ThinkPad T400 7417ThinkPad T400s 2801ThinkPad T400s 2808
    ThinkPad T400s 2809ThinkPad T400s 2815ThinkPad T400s 2823ThinkPad T400s 2824
    ThinkPad T400s 2825ThinkPad T400 SeriesThinkPad T400s SeriesThinkPad T410
    ThinkPad T410iThinkPad T410sThinkPad T410siThinkPad T420
    ThinkPad T420iThinkPad T420sThinkpad T420s 4171-A13ThinkPad T420si
    ThinkPad T430ThinkPad T430HThinkPad T500ThinkPad T510
    ThinkPad T510iThinkPad T520ThinkPad T520iThinkPad T61 1959
    ThinkPad T61 6377ThinkPad T61 6378ThinkPad T616379ThinkPad T61 6379
    ThinkPad T61 6457THINKPAD T61 6457ThinkPad T61 6460THINKPAD T61 6460
    ThinkPad T61 6466THINKPAD T61 6466ThinkPad T61 6480ThinkPad T61 6481
    ThinkPad T61 7658ThinkPad T61 7659ThinkPad T61 7660ThinkPad T61 7661
    ThinkPad T61 7662ThinkPad T61 7663ThinkPad T61 7664ThinkPad T61 7665
    ThinkPad T61 8889THINKPAD T61 8889ThinkPad T61 8891THINKPAD T61 8891
    ThinkPad T61 8895THINKPAD T61 8895ThinkPad T61 8897THINKPAD T61 8897
    ThinkPad T61 8898THINKPAD T61 8898ThinkPad T61p 6459THINKPAD T61P 6459
    ThinkPad T61p 6460THINKPAD T61P 6460ThinkPad T61p 8889THINKPAD T61P 8889
    ThinkPad T61p 8891THINKPAD T61P 8891ThinkPad T61p Series (14.1¡± & 15.4¡± screen)ThinkPad T61p Series(14.1¡± standard screens and 15.4¡± widescreen)
    ThinkPad T61p Series(14.1" widescreen)ThinkPad T61 Series (14.1¡± & 15.4¡± screen)ThinkPad T61 Series(14.1¡± standard screens and 15.4¡± widescreen)ThinkPad T61 Series(14.1" widescreen)
    ThinkPad T61u Series(14.1" widescreen)ThinkPad T61u Series(14.1" widescreen)Thinkpad W500ThinkPad W510
    ThinkPad W510 4389ThinkPad W510 4389ThinkPad W520ThinkPad W700
    ThinkPad W700 2500ThinkPad W700 2541ThinkPad W700 2542ThinkPad W700 2752
    ThinkPad W700 2753ThinkPad W700 2754ThinkPad W700 2757ThinkPad W700 2758
    ThinkPad W700 2762ThinkPad W700 2763ThinkPad W700dsThinkPad W700ds 2500
    ThinkPad W700ds 2541ThinkPad W700ds 2542ThinkPad W700ds 2752ThinkPad W700ds 2753
    ThinkPad W700ds 2754ThinkPad W700ds 2757ThinkPad W700ds 2758ThinkPad W700ds 2762
    ThinkPad W700ds 2763ThinkPad W701ThinkPad W701 2444ThinkPad W701 2500
    ThinkPad W701 2543ThinkPad W701 4323ThinkPad W701 4326ThinkPad W701ds
    ThinkPad W701ds 2444ThinkPad W701ds 2500ThinkPad W701ds 2541ThinkPad W701ds 2542
    ThinkPad W701ds 2543ThinkPad W701ds 4323ThinkPad W701ds 4326ThinkPad X100e
    ThinkPad X100e 2876ThinkPad X100e 3506ThinkPad X100e 3507ThinkPad X100e 3508
    ThinkPad X120eThinkPad X121eThinkPad X130eThinkPad X200
    ThinkPad X200 2023ThinkPad X200 2024ThinkPad X200 7454ThinkPad X200 7455
    ThinkPad X200 7458ThinkPad X200 7459ThinkPad X200sThinkPad X200s 7465
    ThinkPad X200s 7466ThinkPad X200s 7469ThinkPad X200s 7470ThinkPad X200si
    ThinkPad X200tThinkPad X200 TabletThinkPad X200 Tablet 2263ThinkPad X200 Tablet 2266
    ThinkPad X200 Tablet 4184ThinkPad X200 Tablet 7448ThinkPad X200 Tablet 7449ThinkPad X200 Tablet 7450
    ThinkPad X200 Tablet 7453ThinkPad X201ThinkPad X201 3249ThinkPad X201 3323
    ThinkPad X201-3323ThinkPad X201 3626ThinkPad X201 3680ThinkPad X201 4492
    ThinkPad X201iThinkPad X201sThinkPad X201s 5129ThinkPad X201s 5143
    ThinkPad X201s 5397ThinkPad X201s 5413ThinkPad X201tThinkPad X201 Tablet
    ThinkPad X220ThinkPad X220iThinkPad X220i TabletThinkPad X220t
    ThinkPad X220 TabletThinkPad X240 seriesThinkPad X240S seriesThinkPad X250 series
    ThinkPad X260 seriesThinkPad X300 2748ThinkPad X300 2749ThinkPad X300 4052
    Thinkpad X300 4183ThinkPad X300 6476ThinkPad X300 6477ThinkPad X300 6478
    ThinkPad X300 SeriesThinkpad X301 2774Thinkpad X301 2776Thinkpad X301 2777
    Thinkpad X301 2778Thinkpad X301 2779Thinkpad X301 4057Thinkpad X301 4182
    ThinkPad X301 SeriesThinkPad X301 Series (13.3" Widescreen)ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC 6363ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC 6364
    ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC 6365ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC 6366ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC 6367ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC 6368
    ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC SeriesThinkPad X61 7673ThinkPad X61 7674ThinkPad X61 7675
    ThinkPad X61 7676ThinkPad X61 7678ThinkPad X61 7679ThinkPad X61s 15th Anniversary Edition
    ThinkPad X61s 7666ThinkPad X61s 7667ThinkPad X61s 7668ThinkPad X61s 7669
    ThinkPad X61s 7670ThinkPad X61s 7671THINKPAD X61 SERIESTHINKPAD X61S SERIES
    ThinkPad X61 Tablet PC 7762ThinkPad X61 Tablet PC 7764ThinkPad X61 Tablet PC 7767ThinkPad X61 Tablet PC Series
    V470G V470PV570V570AV570G
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